Bohemian Style: What It Means And How to Get the Look?

The word “bohemian” automatically gives a conventional feel. These days, Bohemian furniture and clothing have taken over the internet by storm. It is just that people want to feel and look different. Hence, the best way is to resort to a boho-chic style wherein different and unconventional patterns and clothing come into play, giving the person a different yet classy look. If you want the desired look at a suitable price, so head over to Or & Zon.

What it means

The Bohemian style has a long history. It is a fashion trend that dates back to the 60s and 70s. As its roots are from the olden days, so the style comprises stylish outfits made up of natural materials consisting of earthy shades inspired by hippie fashion. When it comes to the origin of this style, the tribe Bohemian emerged right after the French Revolution in France. After this revolution, the French had to bear various detrimental consequences they were not aware of earlier. Many artists were plunged into poverty as their art no longer mattered and was undermined by the locals. After the situation got better, the artists once again got the opportunity to be more creative and play with colors. The French artists came up with the idea of nomadic designs with fares and pleats. These styles did go viral back then too. However, in this era, their demand is even more. Apart from clothing, this trend has taken over the interior market, and people are crazy after such unique designs.

How to get the look

Traditional pillows

The bohemian look is all about fluffy large-sized pillows. Most of these throw pillows are available in beige color, which is the color of the season. The boho effect in these pillows is achieved with the tufting technique. This unique technique dates back to the French Revolution and gives the pillows their traditional and boho-chic look. While incorporating the bohemian style, comfort is the priority. Hence, these pillows are made up of high-quality, sustainable material. This material can be machine washed as well. The good thing is that this material gives very homey and relaxed vibes, due to which they have gained even more popularity. If you are looking forward to customizing your interior with the boho look, Or & Zon collection should not be missed.


When it comes to achieving the traditional boho look, bedding should not be ignored at any cost. In the past few years, high-rise beds were quite common, but the bohemian trend requires the beds to be as low as possible. It gives a feeling as if they’re not beds but two mattresses stacked up with a flowy bedsheet over it. The bed throw inspired by this trend is very minimalistic. Solid colors with pompoms on each end give them a very classy look. Looking at the bedsheets gives you an impression of an effortless and down-to-earth style that many people adore.

In conclusion, it is always best to focus on pillows and bedding when it comes to achieving the chic boho look. The bohemian style is quite minimalist and gives the 90s vibe, which people admire and commend.