Can Weighted Blankets Be Used In Hot Weather?

Weighted blankets have gained a great repute lately. People are very excited to use them, as they want to make the most out of such a popular item. As the name suggests, weighted blankets, it is apparent that they must be quite warm and cozy. Hence, people are concerned about whether these blankets can be used in summer or not. If you are also hesitating concerning applying a weighted blanket in hot weather, you should proceed to read this article.

Following are the reasons why your beloved weighted blanket can be used in the summertime.

Cotton Cover

Once a person starts using a weighted blanket, he or she becomes used to it. Nobody would ever want to leave his or her weighted blanket only because it is too warm in summer. But still, it can seem not very convenient to sleep with a heavy covering. The easiest solution to this problem is using cotton covers. They are readily available for this issue. The reason why such covers are worthwhile is that the cotton fabric is breathable. This results in heat not being trapped. Thus, even if the temperature is very hot outside, you will not feel the heat with your weighted blanket because of its breathable cover. If you are looking to get your hands on the best cotton covers, check the material details by asking about thread count and type of weave.


Glass Microbeads

Weighted blankets have the purpose of providing a certain weight to allow the body to have the rest required. Now, creating weight does not demand using warm items. Weight can be formed by other items as well. It can be as simple as using glass microbeads. These beads are tiny but provide a good amount of weight. This way, you will get the right amount of comfort required. Never think about using pellets. This is because they are quite a lot of noise when they collide. As a result, your peaceful sleep will be distracted. However, with glass microbeads, your blanket will be heavy enough to put the necessary pressure on your body, thereby producing a sense of convenience and calmness for you. Besides, this filling doesn’t prompt any noise that is beneficial in giving you the required comfort. You have a wide range of options when it comes to purchasing a weighted blanket, and to make the right choice you should consult a specialist or just see here the possible variants that may meet your needs.

Inner blanket material

If you want to have a stress-free sleep with your weighted blanket, then the best option is to use a different inner blanket material. Polyester fibers can be used as amazing inner blanket stuff. They are quite similar to cotton fabrics. The benefits that this material provides are that it is breathable, comfortable, and provides a sensation similar to a traditional weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are often criticized for being season-specific. This is to say that people believe such blankets can only be used in winters and not in summers. However, it has been revealed that these covers can easily be utilized in summers as well. Cotton covers, glass microbeads, and inner blanket material will play a vital role. Thus, people should stop believing that these blankets are meant to be for summer only and enjoy them all year round.