Do Teeth Aligners Really Work?

Are you looking for perfectly shaped teeth that will give you more confidence with your smile? Are your teeth over space or moderately crowded giving you a hard time? Correct your dental formula with teeth aligners for a better appearance.

Most of us ask ourselves, do teeth aligners really work? How long will it take me to correct my teeth alignment? Will my diet be affected? Is the process painful? Can my child have aligners at a younger age? Are aligners more convenient compared to braces? And many more questions will be answered in this article.

Do Aligners Work for Me?

The answer is yes. Aligners do correct the arrangement of teeth and correct over-spaced teeth. Are you having difficulties with eating as food often gets stuck between your teeth?

Visit an orthodontic for counseling and taking the correct measures. Some prefer over-the-counter aligners that can be used from home. However, this is not a safe method as a doctor can monitor dental shifts and make the right adjustments.

How Long Will It Take Me to Correct My Teeth?

This entirely depends on the arrangement of teeth. Moderately crowded teeth take a shorter time compared to overcrowded teeth.

On average, a series of different aligners are worn each for two weeks. This moves the teeth up to 0.3 mm until the teeth are fully aligned.

The longest period an individual can go with aligners is 12 months. This goes along with permanent aligners that an individual has 24 hours a day.

The shortest period an individual can go is three months with permanent aligners, and with this, one keeps visiting the orthodontic until a perfect shape is achieved.

Will My Diet Be Affected?

Yes. Aligners are quite uncomfortable the first two weeks after installation. One feels as though their mouth is swollen but in a real sense its is just the new changes the body tries to adapt to.

You will be required to take softer meals as chewing hard foods can cause pain or disorient the teeth aligners.

Nutrients in meals can however be maintained by taking soft food with nutrients the body needs.

Is the Process Painful?

This process is not painful. With the right services, one can barely feel the process of installing aligners.

It is possible to have new aligners in the morning and report to work in the afternoon.

The only time one can feel some bit of pain is when teeth are shifting positions. This is because the roots are taking new positions and occur on the third or fourth day.

This is manageable by painkillers and using a softer brush with minimal dental flossing.

Can Children Have Aligners?,

Little girl holding an artificial model of human jaw with dental braces in orthodontic office, smiling. Pediatric dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, early education and prevention concept.

Most doctors advise parents to wait until the child is older. This is because their dental formula is not fully developed and can change at an older age.

The spaces you see in your child’s teeth could be filled up when they shed milk teeth and grow permanent teeth. This can also be changed when they grow their molar and pre-molar teeth.

In conclusion, teeth aligners are a good solution to correcting your dental formula. They have minimal effects and this can be handled with the right orthodontic services.