Fun Things to Do on a Twitch Live Stream

Twitch is a social platform for video game live streaming and watching. The platform has millions of viewers around the world. For many people, watching a stream on Twitch is more fun than playing the game itself.

You can have fun streaming on Twitch by doing silly things like getting your face painted, dressing up as a character from a game that you are playing live, or saying something silly in chat and getting views on Twitch. There are also tons of different games to play during your stream, including Fortnite and Diablo 3, which make it not just entertaining but an interactive experience as well.

Plan a spontaneous live session

Creating a schedule for your streams is essential, but being spontaneous occasionally could bring you many new viewers. For example, if you go live with an interesting piece of content during a busy time of the day, you could be surprised by the amount of engagement you get.


The number of people participating in Twitch Subathons continues to rise. You will go live while a countdown timer is displayed on your feed. This could last for up to an hour. The countdown timer gets an additional amount of time added to it whenever someone subscribes to your channel or makes a donation to your channel. This indicates that you cannot accurately predict when your broadcast will come to an end. The viewers enjoy it when they feel they have some influence over the stream. They can keep you online for longer if they receive donations to the stream, which gives viewers the impression that they are actively participating in the stream.

Question generator

During your stream, you have the option of having a random question generator to feed you questions that both you and your community members can respond to. This is an excellent technique to keep you talking while you are streaming and provides an opportunity for your audience to get to know you better.

Review of food as a segment

Create a portion of your stream that is dedicated to reviewing food. Consider one of the meals that you have already consumed in the past. It does not need to be the most delicious meal in the world or come from a five-star restaurant. It could be a critique of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich you ate for lunch not long ago. For this part to be successful, you must ensure that you have images available to present on stream.

Spin Wheel

You may have seen some streamers whose videos use a spinning wheel as a background element. Having anything as engaging as this on your stream is a plus. You have the option of including a spin wheel in your stream, which can have a variety of different awards or penalties associated with it. You must give the wheel a spin after a particular occurrence, such as when you lose a match.

The wheel may contain prizes or penalties for your audience, depending on your choice. If you’re playing FIFA, for instance, you can take a spin on the wheel after every game you end up losing. You may have to do ten push-ups or hand your Fifa points over to another audience member. Depending on the game you currently participate in, you may be required to pay your penalties.


Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows users to watch others play video games, share life events, and have discussions with other viewers. Twitch is a great platform for getting views on your videos. You can do several things to get more viewers on your live stream.