Here is our list of the best Sandals resorts

Are you also in search of the best Sandals resort of 2019? Even though there is no single resort which is considered to be the best. The following list is of some of the best Sandals resorts. It will definitely highlight the important ones for you so you can choose the one you prefer the most. The list also includes the best features of the resorts which are very much appreciated by the visitors annually.

Sandals South Coast – Jamaica

Located on the South Coast of Jamaica, the Sandals south coast is spread over 50-acres inside a 500-acre reserve. The location is exclusive and isolates where you can spend your vacations inside the resort grounds. So if you are a travel freak looking to travel to a large resort with several entertainment options, this is definitely for you. Also, it is probably the only beach in Jamaica where vendors are not trying to sell you merchandise. In addition to all these factors, the South Coast beach is totally private and contains a great selection of pools along with swimming up bars.

Sandals LaSource – Grenada

The Sandals LaSource began operations in December 2013 and has been redeveloped from the core. The resort contains a variety of 125 rooms, which are totally renovated. Furthermore, there are also two villages named South Seas and Italian Village which is located close by. However, the most appealing element of the LaSourceresort is its clear blue water, immaculate grounds, and a variety of pools. Not one of the biggest, but LaSource is definitely one of the best Sandals Resorts.

Sandals Royal Plantation – Jamaica

This is a resort which is quite different from the other ones. This is because it is comparatively smaller in size and is fairly quiet. The small beaches and one pool make it hassle-free and more private. This resort may not fulfill the requirements if you are looking to blend in with a crowd of tourists, however, if you want a getaway with lots of private brooding time, this resort is the one you are looking for.

Sandals Negril – Jamaica

The Sandals Negril resort is arguably one of the most popular sandals resorts because it has the longest stretch of the Negril’s seven-mile beach. It is situated near shopping malls and is also surrounded by a variety of wildlife. Furthermore, Rick’s Café and Margaritaville are also the main reasons for tourists’ attraction.

Sandals Royal Barbados

The Sandals Royal Barbados is a fairly new resort that was built in December 2017. Due to its fairly new equipment and development, the rooms are big, spacious, and comfortable. Furthermore, the islands around the resort are totally safe and secure to do excursions. In addition to this, there are several tourist activities which you can engage into. The resort also contains a wide variety of pools with exquisite activities. Furthermore, the Sandals Barbados is also close by which means that you get two resorts in one place.


Now that you have all the necessary information, you can make an informed decision regarding the best Sandals resort for you.