How to Spend an Unforgettable Weekend in Pattaya City

When discussing holiday experiences, Thailand is one of the notable destinations for the perfect weekend getaway. But instead of choosing to go to the busy capital city of Bangkok or the busier Bali, why don’t you choose Pattaya City? With its easy accessibility and wide range of attractions and entertainment options, Pattaya City is a rated and popular destination.

To help you plan a weekend in Pattaya City, we provide you with a plethora of options for you to choose from.

Beach Time  

If you are visiting Thailand, you must slot in some much-needed and recommended beach time. It is the best place to unwind and enjoy the stunning beaches. In Pattaya, we suggest that you plan some time and visit Central Pattaya Beach. The four-kilometer-long, crescent-shaped beach is a popular option for both locals and tourists. If you get hungry, there are Thai cuisines in the vicinity guaranteed to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Water parks

Pattaya City also prides itself in the number of world-class water theme parks in and around the city. It is common to see families with the young ones at these destinations. Regardless of the age, you are bound to enjoy the experience. Two notable destinations that we recommend are the Ramayana Water Park and the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park.

If you are a lover of the waves, we recommend you check out the Surfarena at Cartoon Network Water Park. The simulators perfectly mimic the experience of the perfect waves.

Be one with the fishes

If you are visiting Pattaya City with the kids, we recommend that you visit the Underwater World. This favorite destination target is an estimated 105 meters long and gives you an unmatched experience, underwater experience with a great variety of fish and sea creatures. It has three zones, the Giant of Siam Zone, the Stingray Zone, and the Coral Reef Zone.

A recent addition is the Jellyfish Zone. It boasts of the largest collection of Jellyfish in the region.

Local cuisines


The best way to experience a culture is to get in low and dirty with the local cuisines. While in Pattaya City, you can choose to get the best Thai cuisines from the finest restaurants and street markets. The variety available in Pattaya City is enough to tantalize your taste buds for several weeks.

If you don’t know what to order, we recommend you start with Sticky Rice and Green Thai Curry. The combination is out of this world.

An online gambling experience

You can sample the gambling experience in Pattaya City by logging in to a reputable and established online casino platform. There are hundreds of card and slot games available for you to try. Coupled with quality and high-resolution graphics, we should warn you that it is not uncommon to find people glued to their screens. Click here and find out.