How to take Papa Murphy’s Survey at

One of the largest pizza joints in the United States, Papa Murphy, knows the importance of getting customer feedback on the quality of the services offered. In this new age of technology and online forms, Papa Murphy makes use of PapaSurvey, an online feedback survey. The convenience that it offers customers allows them to easily and quickly submit their views and hopefully win prizes that can be claimed during the next visit.

The procedure

Please note that the Papa Murphy survey is only offered in English and Spanish. Below is a detailed procedure on how to take the survey:

  •       Open your phone or laptop browser and type in It goes without saying that you must have internet access.
  •       Check the available options against your purchase receipt for the relevant store number. If you are unable to find the store number, you can also enter the zip code.
  •       Answer the questions provided genuinely.
  •       Upon completion of the survey, you may be offered a prize. You will be directed on how to print the prize/ coupon. You should note that it is not a given.

Key information on Papa Murphy’s Survey

Companies always ask respondents to read the fine print or the rules and regulations for any survey. But let’s be honest. A very small percentage does. But we are happy to do it for you. To maintain the veracity of the survey, your customer feedback must be able to meet certain key requirements.

As you must have guessed by now, Papa Murphy’s only allows for online feedback on their products and quality of service. Papa Murphy’s survey URL or website is For each survey that you submit to the restaurant, you stand a chance of winning a survey prize. The award comes in the form of a free cookie or coupons, which you can redeem at a later date at any Papa Murphy branch.

To ensure that the feedback is still fresh on your mind, Papa Murphy enforces a three-day validity rule for your receipt. Remember to submit any feedback you must enter the purchase receipt ID. After three days, your feedback survey is null and void.

There are always people with malicious and unscrupulous intentions. Therefore, your purchase receipt ID only offers you one survey and also limits you to only a single free item (free cookie or coupon) for the one visit.

About Papa Murphy’s

Recently named the fifth-largest pizza outlet company in the United States, the take and bake pizza restaurant is a household name when it comes to pizza. From its humble beginnings in the United States, it has spread its wings to the neighbors in the North (Canada) and the United Arab Emirates, UAE. Currently, it has over 1,000 stores in all three countries. In all its outlets, Papa Murphy’s gives its customers the option of creating customized pizza as well as purchasing stock options, gourmet, and also salads.

The company was launched in the year 1984 under the name Murphy’s Pizza. It was not until 1995 that the company changed it to Papa Murphy, the name that customers throughout the world love and recognize.