Is Deodorant Harmful for Your Health?

In today’s world, there are many chemical substances that surround us; they are found in food, in everyday cosmetics, and in a huge number of other things that are around us every day. If you think about it, we really daily apply a lot of synthetic substances to ourselves. And that’s why we have allergies, neuroses, and a lot of other health problems. But more and more people choose natural food and natural cosmetics like natural deodorants, and some of the best natural deodorants and beauty products can be found on

Now we will focus on one product, which is simply irreplaceable in the modern world, but in recent years it has suffered from so much negativity. Of course, it is deodorant. Such a small bottle, which almost all people have on the shelf in the bathroom. But what does this discreet bottle contain – danger or protection from sweat and bad smell?

Are there any safe deodorants?


Nowadays, the theory of harm of aluminum salts and parabens contained in antiperspirants is actively spreading. And what’s the saddest, this harm to the human body has been proven by scientists. And the diseases can be quite complicated: kidney disorders, breast cancer, lymphatic system diseases. But the main problem is not in the presence of these evil substances but in their quantity. So if you trust the company producing your deodorant and it has a GMP certificate (guarantees high-quality standards at each stage of production and a verified amount of ingredients), then the ball deodorant on your shelf will not become a villain.

But there are groups of people who are really better off using natural deodorants. They protect against unpleasant odors and perspiration through vegetable ingredients, not through synthetic products.

The most sensitive groups of people to chemistry are teenagers, allergy sufferers, pregnant and lactating mothers, elderly people.

Is deodorant safe for pregnant and lactating women?

In this exciting time of a woman’s life, of course, it is better to exclude all the chemistry from your life, because now you care not only about yourself but also about the little human being. The body of women during pregnancy and childbirth is undergoing severe hormonal changes, and there can be quite unpleasant surprises – high sweating, rashes, etc., and these can be very frustrating.

When choosing daily hygiene products, first of all, refer to the components and certificates of the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the inscription “Allowed for pregnant women and children” does not always guarantee the high quality of products and the absence of harmful substances.

Therefore, we advise you to choose natural products. For pregnant women and young mothers, it is important to choose cosmetics without smell at all or with the most neutral scent. Deodorant on herbs is perfect for such an occasion and is absolutely safe.

Natural deodorants

The main ingredients of natural deodorants are essential oils. For example, tea tree and rosemary have an antibacterial effect, which allows you to destroy bacteria without harm. Zinc oxide, starch, or sodium are responsible for reducing sweating in natural deodorants. Also popular are herbal extracts, which have astringent effects: St. John’s wort, oak bark, chamomile, and sage. Of course, with all its advantages, natural deodorants can cope with the unpleasant smell less effectively. That’s why they, like natural sun products, should be reapplied to clean skin during the day.