What is the highest star hotel?

When it comes to the ranking of hotels, there is much difference between 5-star hotels and 7-star hotels. For a long period of time, five-star hotels have been known to the most luxurious hotels around the world. However, now some of the hotels have been awarded Seven Stars. So, what makes the difference between these two? The rating is dependent on the elements like food, location, size of the room, amenities and a certain degree of fitness centers and spa. A uniform Hotel ranking guide is not in place yet which is why the standards in every country are different.

5-star hotels

5-star hotels are on the verge of comfort and luxury because they serve celebrities, politicians, and business persons. It is a common practice of business executives to stay at 5-star hotels when on an official trip.

7-star hotels

In comparison, a 7-star hotel registers royals and billionaires. Furthermore, business executives who have lots of money also stay at 7-star hotels. 7-star hotels are usually regarded as leisure stays.


Luxury and five-star hotels are built with high-grade materials and out of the ordinary architectures. The room service of these hotels is 24-hours available. Furthermore, they have gourmet dining and a huge number of staff present at all times to take care of each of the customers. The rooms and suites are spacious and wide with furnishings in every detail such as luxury bathing products and toiletries. The internet speed is exceptionally high and the DVD players are gold …