Tips to Go Viral on TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in recent times and has become one of the biggest in the social media scene. Their innovative way of presenting content through short bite-sized videos has been appreciated by audiences related to all sorts of industries and markets. People from all over the world view the content for hours at a time resulting in massive engagements to be achieved by the content creators. This makes their content occasionally go viral from time to time, creating new trends, and challenges that the whole community tries to copy or achieve

Gaining followers to your account is essential to generating more engagements and getting your content viral. Always strive to have genuine followers to your account that will regularly like, share, and interact with your content. TikTok organic growth practices should be given preference to maximize the growth possibilities for your account. This article will highlight the best tips and techniques to use to make your content go viral on TikTok.

Grab users’ attention

It is essential to grab the users’ attention in the first few seconds, people do not have the patience to watch slow and detailed intros since content flows very quickly on the platform. Your videos should start with an all-action approach to them, to grasp the attention of the viewers and encourage them to view them till the end.

Duration of videos

When deciding on the length of time your videos should have it is advised to keep them as short as possible. This is because the key is that the users watch your video till the end. A long video of more than 40 seconds has a bigger chance of people losing interest and swiping to the next video. Try to make videos no more than 10 seconds long, as it is more likely to keep the user engaged till the end.


Use trending music and sounds

The platform is all about posting trending videos, or videos incorporating a trending topic, music, or sound. This makes your content more able to go viral, as people in the market are already talking about it and are interested in viewing content that integrates such trends. This will make your content engage significantly more people.

Tell engaging stories

Not everyone is good at dancing or singing, making it difficult for these people to engage more people with such content. People also make a lot of views on the platform by telling engaging stories related to their past or what they experienced recently in life. It should be an interesting story and should not have low points and boring details, the plot should be kept flowing to keep it interesting and engaging for the audience and potentially become viral.


Call to action

Integrate a call to action in all your activities, encouraging the audience to interact with your video in a certain way. This can be as simple as asking them to like the video, or captioning messages such as “make this video hit 5 million views for part 2”, encouraging the audience to interact with the content more.

All these actions can help you in making a video that goes viral. Keep experimenting with these tactics and assess which works best for your audience to get the maximum views and engagements.