What is the best vacation for couples?

If you and your significant other are looking to find the best getaway location that includes palm trees, rolling hills, or deserts, the following are some of the best destinations around the world. These locations embody romance, escapism, and serenity of life.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a tiny Island that has recently become one of the top-visited couple’s locations. It is mostly due to its own Airport which has brought an inflow of customers, specifically from the US. The less frequently traveled Canouan is a specific hillside which you should definitely explore. The Hillside villas along with the glass-floored overwater spa will excite you and light up your experience. If you are looking for some alone time, you can choose to upgrade to the private Isle of Petit St. Vincent who has only 22 cottages and a feeling of serenity throughout.

Scottsdale, Arizona

The romantic vibes in the main hub of Scottsdale are exquisite. You can delve into the feeling of the Sonoran-inspired with your significant other. Furthermore, the Scott Resort and spa with its Caribbean inspired cocktail lounge and restaurant is one of the most exclusive experiences to get together.


Bermuda is a seasonal island which is specifically amazing to visit in the months of April through September. This is because during this time, the pink sand beaches of Bermuda are full of east coast visitors who come to get the panoramic view of the British Hamptons. In addition to this, the suites of the place have recently been furnished and refreshed. To have some alone time, you can just rest on the balcony with a view of Castle Harbor right in front of you. A fun experience would be to hop on a buggy together and go down for a stroll to the beach club.

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Sonoma, CA

The Sonoma is a fairly new development in the area of the preeminent wine region of California. The McArthur place and an exclusive hideout in the center of Sonoma, which holds Mediterranean flavors in the on-site restaurant Layla, is one of a kind experience. You can also engage in a wine tasting event by making a booking with the Bohemian Highway. For a differentiated experience, you and your significant other can go for a ride into the local viticulture on a Land Rover and even cam outside on the rugged coastline of Sonoma.

Miami Beach, Florida

Arguably the best getaway for couples, the Miami Beach has a sexy Latin vibe to it along with swanky bars and restaurants. The place is floating with other couple tourists throughout the on the season. The more prominent factors include South Beach crowds at the Setai Miami beach with an Asian inspired enclave. Special treatments include the famous Zen-inducing spa.


These are some of the best getaway locations, as rated by tourists for couples. Now that you have the necessary information, you can make a wise decision with your significant other.