Where is the 7-star hotel?

If you are a travel freak, you have definitely heard of 7-star hotels which are the embodiment of opulence and outstanding experiences in regard to their hospitality. They offer high standards of service, a wide variety of restaurants and high customer satisfaction. Even though authorities like Forbes Travel Guide, AAA and others like to measure the performance of some of the most exquisite hotels around the world, the rating only goes as high as five stars. However, unofficial sources have now started the practice of giving 7-star ratings to hotels and places that are unique and stand out in their delivery of service. These hotels are therefore recognized as seven-star hotels. If you are looking for some of the top-notch seven start hotels around the world, you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best 7-star hotels from around the world in different countries.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Situated on a private beach of its own, the Emirates Palace is the definition of Arabian Fantasy. You can imagine the luxury that comes with the suites of this hotel by the fact that the furnished suites are in gold and marble. This is why some of the honored guests of the hotel are Emirati Royalty and dignitaries. The prices of the suites can go as high as $980 for one night. However, the money is definitely worth the 1.3km stretched beach line, landscape pools, and the private marina bay. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Burj-al-Arab, Dubai

This is a complete landmark of Dubai, which is standing on a man-made island, only 300 meters away from Jumeriah Beach. The design of the hotel looks like a sail. There are a total of 202 suites and the most expensive of these are the Royal two-bedroom suites which come at a staggering price of $27,000 for one night. Other niches of this hotel include a super technology bed, elevator, and library. Furthermore, the guests also receive Rolls Royce services with a chauffeur. Every one of the suites has its own 24-carat gold IPads, bbed sheets from Egyptian linens, designer toiletries, and jacuzzi baths.

Town Hall Galleria, Milan

Situated in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II mall and only a few miles away from Duomo square. The amazing elements of the hotel include its exquisite entrance, which is only available to the residents. There are only 20 luxury suites which make the hotel extremely exclusive. A one night stay at the hotel can cost an average amount of $505 for one night. A differentiating element of the hotel is its Complimentary Pets Program which ensures that even the pets of the customers get an equally royal experience.

These are some of the top-rated 7-star luxury hotels around the world. Needless to say, staying in one of these locations can be a lifetime experience for you. Now that you have all the necessary information regarding 7-star hotels, you can make an informed decision.