Why some children struggle with learning?

A struggling learner can be someone who cannot perform tasks and other activities on the same level as their friends or age fellows can. In the modern world, one can find a teacher or an app that helps children to learn English online. Even in Japan, one can type 子供 が できる 英語 in the web search field and receive quite an amount of results about lessons of English for children. But some children and adults have to work twice as hard to accomplish the same tasks for which they require greater focus and attention. There could be many reasons why a child or an adult fails to learn things just like everyone. The physical reasons include loss of sight, hearing, mobility, and lack of coordination. Apart from there are many other reasons that can be constituted as a reason for a struggling learner, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and auditory processing disorder. But on the bright side, while such kids and adults lack in one domain, they may excel in other fields. For example, such kids can be amazing at solving algebra while failing to spell out simple words.

One thing to understand for being a struggling learner is that the same teaching method may not be working for them. This indicates that teachers should also change their teaching methodology when it comes to such students since their brains do not work on a similar capacity.

Lack of phonemic awareness

Phonemic awareness is the ability of people to her and manipulates the words in a way that the smallest unit of sound helps them to differentiate the group of meanings. It is also considered as a subset of phonological awareness, which itself is used by listeners to comprehend what they hear. Many kids fail to identify meanings by the words they hear, which shows the lack of phonemic awareness. This lack of awareness can be constituted as a reason for some students to struggle in their learning.

Difficulty in sounding out written words

Some people also struggle in pronouncing written words since they fail to decode them in their minds. This can also be due to them not knowing how the word is pronounced. Such kids also struggle to understand things. And while they are fluent in speaking, they may fail in the reading aspect of the language.

Lack of English language skills

Some people also fail to understand the basic grammar and the skill required to understand the language for which they can become slow in general understanding. This can be pointed to the child’s or adult’s lack of experience reading and writing English books. Learning English for children and adults is easy if they develop an interest in reading books since books are an excellent source for them to understand words and how such terms are used and in what situations.

The disparity between the teaching and learning method

A child with abnormalities would undoubtedly require unique ways for them to learn things. If the teachers fail to match their teaching technique with the student’s learning ability, the student is bound to struggle and may even fail to learn anything at all. Hence, the teacher must understand their role in such conditions.

Things people can do to help their struggling students is to pinpoint the problem and find a different solution for a unique challenge. Once the root problem is erased, everything else will follow.