Can You Run a Business on Instagram?

Without a doubt, business models and the entire dynamics of business have been disrupted and have changed for the better ever since the introduction of the internet. However, the internet alone wasn’t the breakthrough technology rather it was the introduction of social media that really changed the way businesses are conducted today. Apart from really connecting with friends and sharing information as well as content online, social media also has a different aspect to it with regards to online businesses. Social media is now being used to facilitate online buying and selling and also to promote businesses on an online platform.

According to one statistic, more than 71% of businesses in the United States of America are on Instagram. This statistic alone speaks volumes for the importance of social media as a whole when it comes to businesses and also for the importance of Instagram specifically. Of course, businesses can be run successfully on Instagram. Instagram presents a unique platform for businesses, organizations, and different brands to really create visually engaging content in order to market and operate online businesses in a way that more customers stay connected and interactive with the business.

The best way to make the most out of the platform is to have maximum followers. For this purpose, you can get help from an Instagram growth service that will use marketing techniques to promote your account. Here we will discuss how businesses can be run on Instagram and how should one set up an Instagram business account.

Create the account and complete the information

This is the first and most basic step to start with your business account. Start off with signing in and giving your account a catchy and relevant name. After this is done you can choose a profile picture that best suits your business. Mostly, this is the logo of the business and one that truly represents what your business is all about. You can also add relevant detailed information such as website links or other brand information. Once this is done, you are pretty much good to begin.

Post Content Regularly

This is another basic step but is also one that is very important. You can start publishing content now. In order to give out a decent impression regarding your account, post content that is of high quality and is related to your business and something that your target audience can truly relate to. In order to be a bit different and take a slightly different route, you can also go for posting and adding stories.

Make the most of Instagram Insights

Perhaps the best feature of the Instagram business account is the insight section. This provides you with all the key information about your follower’s demographics, as well as different metrics like the time spent on social media and what type of pages and products they are interested in. If used effectively, the insights can really provide a good structure to the entire account and can give good direction for anything that might be faced with ahead.


Without a doubt, businesses can be managed on Instagram. With over 800 million active users, Instagram provides a great opportunity to make the most out of the platform available.