Five Common Cases Private Investigators Handle

There are occasions when you should seek the assistance of an expert. Private investigator services are helpful in many situations, including surveillance and background checks. These experts have the resources and knowledge to find the answers you need. Private investigators are commonly associated with surveillance situations, but their capabilities extend far beyond this.

So, what can private investigators do? Here are the five most typical investigations that private detectives handle daily.

Divorce and Infidelity Investigations

The breakdown of trust between ex-spouses is a common cause of divorce. This mistrust can begin with allegations of infidelity or other misconduct and persist through the divorce into discussions of money, property, and child custody.

Someone who has reason to believe their partner is having an extramarital affair can employ a private investigator specializing in infidelity to determine whether their suspicions are justified. Investigators specializing in infidelity have access to a wide range of tools, resources, and strategies they might employ to pursue a cheating partner. This may involve high-tech, covert monitoring methods unavailable to the general public. Learning of a partner’s extramarital affair can be devastating, but it can also give the “good guy” a leg up in the divorce.

Locating Lost Family and Friends

Private investigator cases frequently involve tracking down a missing person. If you need to locate someone unwilling or unable to be located, skip tracing is the method for you. There are various reasons why people could use private investigators to track down a missing person.

These are often very private reasons. Having a family member go missing can cause worry and uncertainty for those left behind. Someone who was adopted may want to track down their biological family and vice versa. Sometimes, clients need help locating a spouse or child who has abruptly cut off contact with their parents or spouse and disappeared without a trace.

Serving Legal Papers

Skip tracing is used by both businesses and individuals to locate those who have gone to great lengths to avoid being served with legal papers that must be served before a case can progress or a judgment can be enforced. It is the job of private investigators, known as “process servers” in Colorado, to track down and deliver legal documents to defendants who have vanished—or at least made themselves difficult to find—because of pending litigation.

Legal Case Preparation

Cases involving private investigators frequently involve trial preparation. The law and the facts are the foundation of each legal dispute. Although attorneys have a firm grasp of the law, it is not always simple to unearth the essential facts and evidence. A busy lawyer may not be able to devote the necessary time, energy, or knowledge to the case.

Private investigators can find evidence, track down witnesses, and spy on an opponent to discredit their case. A private investigator can be an invaluable asset to an attorney at any trial preparation stage by providing an extra set of experienced eyes and ears.

Background Investigations

Secrets are something people tend to keep to themselves. Relationships, both personal and professional, may be complicated, and sometimes others need to know certain details. Individuals need to know that the person they’re hiring, dating, or living next to has the history and background they’re being led to believe.


Private investigators fill a necessary niche in society. Frequently, they take on cases other specialists overlook that are crucial to the functioning of the legal or business system.