Health Service Dental Charges & Treatments

Dental health is often very underrated and ignored to some extent as well. However, just like physical and mental health, it plays a significant role in our life. Teeth are one of the most critical body parts and therefore taking good care of them is extremely necessary. Healthy teeth enable easy mastication and digestion and also add a pleasing visual impact to our overall look. Hence, they must be taken care of very regularly. Dental treatment, therefore, must be regular and must be done from places that offer high-quality services. One thing to be noted, however, is that with high-quality services, usually, the charges are high.

Dental Services Offered by Dentists

A health service dentist usually offers a plethora of services. These services often vary in nature from one clinic to another and also from one dentist to another. Dentists are known for one-to-one consultation services, which are extremely basic in nature. This consultation usually involves a dental examination and assessment. This is the most basic service that a dentist can offer. Adding to this, dentists often have x-ray facilities at their clinics and hospitals. They, therefore, have the capability not only to take the x-ray but also to study it thoroughly to diagnose all the oral issues a person has. Next, a dentist can cater to problems that require non-surgical treatments. These treatments usually consist of scaling, polishing, fillings, gum treatments, teeth repairing, and also some basic oral hygiene instructions. Some treatments are also surgical and, therefore, need great expertise and knowledge to be performed efficiently. These include wisdom and oral teeth removal. Lastly, the most common service that a dentist offers is root canal fillings and other treatments that usually include bridges, crowns, as well as dentures of variable nature.

Health Service Dental Charges

The charges for the different health services offered can vary from one treatment to another and also from one hospital/clinic to another. These charges differ in terms of the quality of the service as well as the qualification and skill of the dentist who is giving the service in the first place. If we consider the United Kingdom, we can take an example of a regular dental clinic and the health service charges that are estimated for the dental treatment.

Basic Examination

The fundamental examination and consultation is the first step in the dental procedure. This is also usually the cheapest. This could potentially cost around 7 to 20 pounds, depending upon the quality of service.


The next step is usually the X-rays. These X-rays are often charged in the bracket of 3 to 5 pounds on average.

Scaling & Polishing

Scaling & polishing is a slightly expensive procedure, but also one that is relatively common. This can usually cost around 12 to 15 pounds on average.

Root Canal

Another standard dental procedure is the root canal. This costs around 50 to 80 pounds.

Surgical Extraction

Last but not the least is the tooth extraction. This is one procedure that requires surgery and is therefore expensive. The procedure might cost in the bracket of 20 – 50 pounds at least.