How Do I Start Teaching My Child English?

Whether you’re from an English speaking country or not, it pays to teach your child English at an early point in their life because it will give them a global advantage. Your child can have more access to apps and sites that ease the English learning for kid. Online learning will help kids to immerse themselves in different cultures, add to this better memory and cognitive skills; there’s definitely no reason for you not to teach your child English.

Although English tutors for children are easy to find, it pays to also engage yourself in the process as the parent. It’s really not as difficult as you think. You don’t need to go all teacher mode and prepare learning aids or have a classroom setup. There is a doddle of ways on how you can do this!


Use Picture Books

This is the perfect learning aid to help with reading because kids can easily associate words with photos. It’s fun so your child won’t get bored right away. And if you’re worried about expenses, then don’t! Because there are a lot of printable picture books available online for free or for a very low cost. There are even themes you can put into groups so every day is different.


Incorporate Music

Nursery rhymes are so effective because their catchy tunes add retention to the brain of a child who absorbs it. Voices used in recording these songs also have very good diction so they get to adapt the right ways of saying words as well. Plus, activities such as singing or dancing to nursery rhymes open up some facets of your child’s multiple intelligences like movement and music.


Normalizing Speaking English at Home

The reality is, the very first English words your child will learn are words that revolve around your daily activities such as eating, playing, taking a bath. sleeping and the like. So as parents, do start using English terms at home. This is even more effective if you use it on activities that they do every day so that they can just absorb it. You can even include here how to read time, how to ask politely, and other essential skills for kids and teach them how to say it in English.


Play Games

This is probably on top of your list already because there isn’t a child that isn’t interested in play. Getting creative with your home recreational activities can pose an advantage for a child learning a new language. First, take advantage of the internet. There are thousands upon thous