The Yummiest Things You Can Order from the Wendy’s Menu

There are times when you have the urge for a burger and fries. While McDonald’s has established itself in the fast-food industry, Wendy’s is making significant ground and who knows, maybe they might. They just might.

To be able to bring the heat, Wendy’s offers a variety of options to its patrons. After months of research, we have been able to come up with a compilation of the best options at Wendy’s. You don’t agree with our ranking? Everyone has their opinion and we are eager to hear yours. Well, Wendy’s wants to know. Click on the following link and submit your views on Wendy’s menu items.


We know you expected some other option as the number one item. But come on, you knew this one was coming? French fries at Wendy’s are a must. In addition, French fries can easily complement anything you order.

The quality of fries at Wendy’s has always been consistent. You can be assured of crispy, salty, and hot fries anytime.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

At a close second, we have the spicy chicken sandwich. The sandwich is well balanced, with a generous and well done, breaded chicken, soft buns, some tomato, and lettuce. Not only is the menu item great to look at but it is also beautiful to look at. Once you eat it, you will be convinced that this is the most delicious thing you have ever eaten.

Dave’s Double Burger

The burgers at Wendy’s are so good that one is never enough. Think rationally, a double burger is the best bet. It seems the execs at the fast-food chain think the same. Dave’s Double Burger is big enough to keep your mind off food for at least 24 hours. It comes with an ample serving of fries and a Chocolate Frosty.

Chocolate Frosty

This dessert is so good that rumor has it some people go to Wendy’s just for the Chocolate Frosty. If you have tasted the drink, you understand why it is on this list. The dessert is also used for dipping purposes. It is acceptable to dip your fries or nuggets in your Classic Chocolate Frosty.

Spicy Chicken Nuggets

This menu item was revived in 2019 and has been a big hit. The reaction of the patrons, both on social media platforms and in terms of sales, had missed the nuggets. What separates Wendy’s nuggets is the spiciness. Once you bite your teeth into it, the heat tantalizes your lips and tongue sweetly. If you are a lightweight, it is recommended you ask for the buttermilk ranch to cool things down.

The Pecan Chicken Salad

For a fast-food joint, Wendy’s has a tasty salad. The salad can either be ordered as a half order or as a full order. Don’t order the full order unless you are ready to loosen your belt a little. It has the potential of filling you up completely.