Top 6 Expert Tips on Keeping Your Car Looking New

Most people seek professionals when assessing the value of a car. Often, the physical condition of the vehicle, the maintenance records, and the purchase amount are among the top considerations. Few people will look into the physical condition of the car only when assessing its value.

It is however important that you maintain the appearance of your car in a good state. Below are some expert tips to keep in mind when maintaining the appearance of your car.

Constant maintenance

Whether on the interior or the exterior, always ensure the maintenance process is not skipped at any instance. When doing maintenance on the exterior, replace any cracked mirrors, whether the windshield or side mirrors.

Change works out and punctured tires and wheel rims when necessary. When it comes to taking care of the paint, apply a suitable sheen spray or wax or ceramic coating.

On the interior, avoid using extremely dump clothes as they leave a foul smell, especially on the seats. For slightly dusty areas, use a dry-clean towel or one that is slightly damp.

Care under harsh conditions

The weather can be unforgiving at times, and it is our responsibility to adjust accordingly. During summer, the temperatures are so high and the air is less humid. If you are parking outside, protect your exterior paint by parking in the shade or using a car cover where no shades are available.

Covers protect against the sun’s UV rays that lead to discoloration. The covers are also essential during the rainy season. Thunderstorms can do so much damage but covers come to the rescue.

Friendly cleaning methods

If you are among the people that use fabric conditioners to clean your car, then you need to stop if you want the value of your car to go higher. Use metallic-friendly cleaning agents that have a neutral pH to avoid corrosion of both paint and the car’s outer body.

It is more advisable to have your car cleaned at a professional car wash or use a microfiber wash mill. This maintains the value of a car and ensures the value does not depreciate drastically.

Avoid poor driving methods

As mentioned earlier, a car goes a long way beyond its physical appearance. If you are used to driving at high speeds, then avoiding quick accelerations loses the power of the wheels to balance. A car with poorly balanced wheels is often not stable and could lead to accidents

The engine is also overworked with quick acceleration. Instead, use slow acceleration to achieve high speeds.

When on the road, maintain an average distance between your car and other vehicles. This is to avoid collisions and scratches with other cars.

Clean glass

Water streaks on any glass are not attractive at all. When cleaning your car, ensure you use a dry cotton cloth to clear all glass surfaces after cleaning. When cleaning glass, rinse any soap residues with clean water to remove any soap streaks.

Use a polish spray on the original car paint

A sheen spray such as Suma Spray keeps your car looking new and helps increase the sale value to your potential buyer.

This prevents discoloration, oxidation, and fading.